The property of the Euros is the versatility in containing manifold bulky feeds keeping their physical and organic features unaltered over time.


  • Millennium Silos
  • Vertical Silos
  • Monolithic Silos
  • Feedbox and FeeHopper
  • Tank Silos

Millennium silos

Next generation’s silos, the main features are the lack of holes and the smooth glass interior surface thanks to its external joint. Perfect for the European market

Vertical Silos

Bolted silos with an horizontal seam; perfect for transport-truck of high quantities, which guarantees an effective saving of the import costs.

Monolithic Silos

Silos produced in a single piece and sold assembled. Perfect for the domestic market.

Feedbox and FeedHopper

The new containers for bulk products for use in animal husbandry and in the food and industrial sectors. Versatile and low-cost solutions that do not require masonry work.

Tank Silos

Reinforced silos suitable to contain liquid products with different specific weights.


Augers are normally used for the mechanical transport of the product into the silos or to carry the product into other veichles of transport. Eurosilos productions offers a wide range of augers: flexible augers, folding screw conveyors, trailed feed wagons.

Box and Igloo

Steadily careful to meet the farmers’ needs worldwide, Eurosilos Sirp developes a wide range of modular fiberglass shelters for calves. Our huts for external use resist to ultraviolet rays, their reinforced fiberglass bodies reflect sunlight by their white color.


Eurosilos Sirp provides a wide range of high-level complementary accessories to guarantee the perfect operability of our clients.

Main markets

Eurosilos Sirp products provide to satisfy the needs of the agriculture, livestock and industrial markets.


Eurosilos Sirp offers a wide range of products suitable for the storage of grain, cereals and fertilizers.


Eurosilos products are the perfect complements for all the storage and distribution installations of any kind of feeds (liquid or melted).


Eurosilos produces silos for the storage of different materials: salt, pellets, gas, chalk, lime, minerals ...


From the research and selection of materials to laboratory tests until the production process, Eurosilos guarantees to the customers the proper attention into the concept and realization of any kind of storage installation.






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