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Production of fiberglas silos

We are an Italian company specialized in the design and manufacture of fiberglass silos for the storage of agricultural products (cereals, fertilizers, sewage, etc.), zootechnical feeds (pelleted products, powdered flours, grains, molasses, etc.), industrial materials ( processing waste, street sales, hydrochloric acid, etc.).

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We produce fiberglass silos
to keep your value safe

Since 1972 we constant work with a great mission: to keep your value safe. In over fifty years of entrepreneurials commitment, our paths has constantly grown and improved. Today we are respected and strong industrial entity, appreciated in Italy and abroad for the production of fiberglass silos for agriculture, livestock sector and industry.

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Silos produced in 2022


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We produce fiberglass silos
and others farming equipments

We also provide other equipments specially conceived for agricultural and livestock markets, as flexible augers and rigid conveyors for mechanical transport to the binsigloos for calves breeding and tanks to store liquids.

Our products


Augers & Conveyors

Shelters for calves


Storage of pet food raw materials
Cereal storage plant
Silos for cattle breeding


We guarantee to our customers all the necessary care in the design, the consulting and the production of any storage system for farming products, livestock feed and industrial materials.

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We guarantee our customers all the necessary expertise in the design, consultancy and construction phases of storage systems for agricultural products, livestock feed and industrial materials.

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Silos per industria agricoltura e zootecnia Silos per industria agricoltura e zootecnia Silos per industria agricoltura e zootecnia