1 The upper opening is for loading purposes , the fiberglass lid instal- led on roof can be opened from the ground by means of a rope.
2 The body of the bin is made up of two fiberglass sections horizon- tally bolted, to ease assembly operations.
3 The lower cone is smooth inside, to ease the flowability of the stored products, and transparent, to keep the feed level under control.
4 In the lower part of the bin, a manual shutter is mounted on bearings for unloading the feed directly in the trolley (the discharge of the products can also take place by means of an automatic emptying system with a flexible auger or through an auxiliary discharge with a tube mounted aside).
  • bianco

  • verde foglia

  • blu capri

  • grigio polvere

  • marrone seppia

custom colors on request
  • Completa
  • floured
  • crumbled
  • pellet
  • grain
  • Livestock
  • Agriculture
  • Industry

Available models

Feedbox per stoccaggio insilati (con peso spec. 650 KG/M³)

MODEL n° Legs A max (mm) A min (mm) B (mm) C max (mm) C min (mm) D ø (mm)
FBM2 2 4 3300 2400 1200 986 286 440
FBM3 3 4 3930 3230 1200 986 286 440