Our Stenghts

  • Use of high-quality materials
    To guarantee a range of products that responds to the highest standards.
  • In-house Production
    From the raw materials to the product (for the market)
  • Flexibility in meeting the demands
    Our headquarters have a wide production plant with workshops, labs and high-tech equipments for the production of fiberglass silos.
  • Product Customization
    Tailor-made silos: our know-how allows us to design unique products based on the customer's requests.
  • Focus on people and their work
    We use modern technologies and a technical staff specialized in plant engineering.


  • The founder

    Mario Telefri was about much more than successful businessman: he was firstly a man who believed in the power of his ideas, and went firmly after until he achieved them. His story was made of intuition and passion, where the compentences and the business instinct intertwined together, based on his great capability of vision.

  • 1972

    Mario Telefri starts in Sirp Silos of Isorella (BS) the production of fiberglass silos for livestock feed.

  • 1992

    We started with the in-house production of augers and feed conveyors for the mechanical tranport of feed.

  • 2011

    Merger between the two companies in one brand: Eurosilos Sirp srl
    At the same time, the holding company, Gruppo Telefri srl, was established. Dayana Telefri and Luigi Telefri took the lead and they made the generational shift to the top of the group.

  • 2000

    A next-generation silo was designed and placed on the market which for the occasion was called Millennium.

  • 1995

    The new brand Eurosilos for the export markets was identified.

  • 2016

    The new headquarters and the expansion of the warehouse in Isorella (BS) were inaugurated.

  • 2019

    The installation of the new fiber laser cutting system for precision mechining, suitable for the latest standards of “National Industry 4.0 Plan” for the managment and the control of the productivity.


We keep your value safe

Our silo is not only a storage container. Inside, you find those values which characterize our way of doing business.

Our silos support your business. In fact, the fruits of the work of different worlds are safeguarded, fruits which we passionately preserve and protect, guaranteeing to all our customers what we have been doing for over fourty years by nature: keeping safe.


A company with strong roots that points to new horizons.

Looking beyond has always been part of our DNA since our origins, when in 1972 our founder, Mario Telefri foresaw how the potential of fiberglass could be applied, from the automotive to the agricolture and the livestock.

In over fifty years of entrepreneurial commitment, we have always aimed high. Our path has yearly grown more and more, and we turned from an artisan company into a respected and strong industrial reality, with solid base as the one of our silos.
Our committment for the future is to continue be at the forefront in terms of innovation and development, with the goal to aim to new skylines.

Our primary goal is customer satisfaction by offering optimized solutions for different requirements, from providing single pieces up to the most advanced storage installations, fully automated handling and dosing stations.

Dayana Telefri
CEO Eurosilos
Our primary goal is customer satisfaction by offering optimized solutions for different requirements, from providing single pieces up to the most advanced storage installations , fully automated handling and dosing stations
Luigi Telefri
Presidente Eurosilos
Eurosilos Sirp srl is always in the forefront in terms of innovation and development: in the last years we carry out the development of new technologie to improve both the production and the final products quality.

Quality And Certifications

Eurosilos Sirp srl is steadlu carefull to product quality and to the building method’s optimization. We have been awarded different European certifications such as:

  • EN 1090-1: 2009+A1:2011
  • ISO 45001: 2018 according with TÜV NORD CERT
  • Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik in Berlin Certificazion

Worldwide presence

Prouldy Italian with a worldwide presence

Eurosilos Sirp nowadays is a leading company in the Italian Market, and it has a consolidate commercial presence throghout Europe. Our distributors competently support our final customers in: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Denmark, Iceland, Baltic States, Russia and Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Balkan Area, Greece.

We manage the French market with two direct commercial bran-ches (our daughter company Silos France).

We have ten-year profitable commercial agreements with extra-Eu-ropean countries such as: Saudi Arabia, Algeria, South Africa, Canada. We recently add our market share to South America (Mexi-co and Peru) and in Southeast Asia (China, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam).


Silos produced in 2022


Our Network