1 The top cover is used for the silo's loading, customizable by different types of fiberglass lids.
2 Filling pipe is equipped of a no-slip ladder provided with a solid metal protective cage, with the opening sized to prevent the operator from any accidentally falling outwards.
3 The exhaust pipe is made by a hot-galvanized curve and a PVC tuve with an adjustable lenght according to the size of the silos.
4 The silos can be equipped with a graduated strip to keep under control the level of the storaged feed.
5 Four hot-galvanized legs, a supporting ring with U-profile and bolted tie-rods support the silo. Silo's legs are submitted to the passivation treatment. The passivating is an substainable product (chromium-free) made by resins, which gives an increased resistance to the oxidation of the galvanized steel.
6 The terminal edge of the silo has a diameter of 860 mm. We can install several solutions to meet any unloading requirements (such as bottom outlet for rigid and flexibles augers, sliding shutter for manual unloading …).
7 The fixing plates with four holes are equipped for the assembly of loading cells or any extensions.
  • bianco

  • verde foglia

  • blu capri

  • grigio polvere

  • marrone seppia

custom colors on request
  • Upper fairing
  • Cylindre
  • Overall
  • floured
  • crumbled
  • pellet
  • grain
  • Livestock
  • Agriculture
  • Industry

Available models

Silos MEP (for storage products with spec. weig. 600 kg/m³)

MODELm3n° LegsA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D ø (mm)E ø (mm)
MEP 6644303310312002030860
MEP 8845218401812002030860
MEP 101045463426312002230860
MEP 121246043484312002230860
MEP 151546168496812002480860
MEP 181846838563812002485860
MEP 202047423622312002485860
MEP 222247718651812002480860
MEP 252548553735312002495860
MEP 313149795859512002495860
MEP 434349967876712002897860